Jim Woodroffe of San Francisco, CA (formerly of Boston, MA and Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH originally from Andover, MA)


I bought the domain name Woodroffe.com because it is my last name and I felt like having it. I haven't found a particular purpose for this site yet, but I put up some stuff and a nice layout anyway. (I also use the email addresses.)

I will also put up links to other cool things that I find from time to time. Such as the link Dorothy and Jim's wedding website.

When I need to get my hands technically dirty, I hack together small apps to make my life simpler. Such as Boston Food Trucks to help me find lunch (formerly).


I am the CTO at Survey.com. Survey's unique technology platform leverages 600,000+ member on-demand workforce to drive client growth, deliver high value services, collect valuable market research, and provide data-driven insights. Our community of vetted and graded local reps provide unparalleled speed and coverage to stores nationwide. Proprietary matching algorithms then identify the right person with the right skills for the right job. The mobile enabled team then collects shelf-level data that is then run through our Quality Assurance Protocol of both computer and human checks. Finally the historical and real-time data is combined to give customers retail analytics and recommended growth strategies. Survey's unique combination of experience in-store, historical shelf-level data, templated execution, and proprietary machine learning algorithms enables our clients to win at the shelf.

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