Jim Woodroffe of San Francisco, CA (formerly of Boston, MA and Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH originally from Andover, MA)


I bought the domain name Woodroffe.com because it is my last name and I felt like having it. I haven’t found a particular purpose for this site yet, but I put up some stuff and a nice layout anyway. (I also use the email addresses.)

I will also put up links to other cool things that I find from time to time. Such as the link Dorothy and Jim's wedding website.

When I need to get my hand technically dirty, I hack together small apps to make my life simpler. Such as Boston Food Trucks to help me find lunch (formerly).


I am the CTO at Survey.com, a mobile research and insights platform. Our mobile market research solutions let brands collect data from consumers on their smartphones in real-time. Our mobile retail audits ensure your products are in stock, correctly priced, and displayed in the right locations. Our Mobile SDK adds all of our mobile data collection and location-based marketing capabilities to your app.

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